Sunday, October 9, 2016

Safe Spaces

Article by Gerri August

1.) "First, educators must ensure that the curriculum includes the perspectives, experiences, and history of LGBT people. Second, educators must ensure that communication inside the classroom walls validates the LGBT experience"(August 98). 

This is the whole point of this chapter summed up in two sentences. August and her fellow authors argue that this needs to happen in the schools to include the LGBT community of students. Not having any curriculum based on LGBT students will not make them feel like they fit in. This also reminds me of our last reading by Christensen where she talks about how people of color do not feel as though they fit into television or children's stories because most of the characters are always white and if they are of color, they are poor or "bad" characters. 

2.) "So far so good-until the family is two moms and their children or two dads and their adopted daughter. such families rarely ever make the curricular cut- they are invisible"(August 85). 

This is the problem in schools today. What is being taught about families is that there is one mom, one dad, and the kids. Not two moms or two dads. Therefore the students are not being taught that it is okay and are growing up having false opinions on it. We all need to learn and teach students about the other types of important families that are out there and that is the LGBT families. 

3.) "If applied across all disciplines and grade levels, integration and interpretation of LGBT experiences and contributions can transform our classrooms into safe spaces"(August 90). 

This is a main point of the chapter. Integration and interpretation are said to be the two most important things that need to be done to make school a safe space of LGBT. If the LBGT community is not integrated and interpreted correctly, the chances are less likely that it will create a safe space like it should be for them. Everyone is equal no matter what you identify by. 

Points for discussion in class:

How can we as future teachers make sure that LGBT students in our class feel as safe as possible and how can we make sure that all other students are accepting? What are some strategies of this? LGBT students need to feel safe and we should know how to make this happen. It is sad to see LGBT members suffer because they are being who they want to be. Here is a short video of some LGBT students expressing how they feel.


  1. I didn't read this article but it also sounds like it could be reflected on "Zelle", on how children should be seen for who they are as how I talked about in mine. We both have to same kind of thoughts.

  2. I like the quotes you used to kind of summarize what the reading was about and I like the format that you put them in, very easy to follow

  3. Really well organized and formated. Felt a really great understanding of the text. and really hit on some key points.

  4. Great post Cassie! I like how you set up your responses. I agree with you that there needs to be more of the types of families there are or could be. There are so many different families that exist and it should be discussed in the classroom.

  5. I liked the qoutes that you used! It helped understand the article. I used your post for an extended comment response.